• Lucid Stead is and installation in Joshua Tree, CA. created by artist Phillip K. Smith III.

    Phillip describes Lucid Stead this way: ”Like the enveloping vista that changes hue as time passes, Lucid Stead transforms. In daylight the 70 year old homesteaders shack reflects and refracts the surrounding terrain as if a mirage or hallucination. As the sun tucks behind the mountains, slowly shifting, geometric color fields emerge until they hover in the desert darkness”.

  • Butler & Julie

    Los Feliz, 2014

  • music for deep space travel

  • Monster Drawing Rally 2014 #southernexposure #heycookie #makeportraits (at Verdi Club)


    • John: I talked about this on "Roderick on the Line" with you. I think I might have talked about it on "You Look Nice Today". *groans*
    • Merlin: We're not releasing that episode, John.
  • Found this scrap of film from a roll I developed last year. I think I’ll mount it in a 4x5 holder and make an enlargement #c41 #gradient #film (at Rayko Photo Center)

  • Long lonely days in the darkroom #decadeproject (at Rayko Photo Center)